Some solutions to balance the inbound and outbound call strategy of a call center

In some contact centers, several agents are assigned to the same flow. On the other hand, some are only on outbound calls or only on inbound calls. This strategy is not at all optimal for the growth of the brand or the efficiency of the center. In this article, you will be given solutions to balance this strategy to have a better result.

The Goals

When you consider implementing any strategy for a call center, you must necessarily define its objectives. Ask yourself the questions regarding your means, targets, tools you have for achieving the objectives, etc. Call Center Software is one of the key tools you will need to set the objectives. The tools in question can also be the agents who will work on it or a solution to optimize performance. To set the goals, use the means at your disposal in order to be smart. Alternatively, you can decide to set specific goals and find ways to achieve the desired result. One way is to train your agents internally on other skills, adopt technology centers for productivity improvement. You can also hire additional agents. In reality, it is important to remember that the objectives depend on the human and financial resources available to the center and also on the chosen strategy.


Making a judicious allocation of agents will be of great help in balancing the outbound and inbound call strategy. The critical mistake that many call centers make during assignments is to put all agents either on outbound or inbound. This is a very bad idea because while all the agents are on the outbound calls, no one is handling the inbound. When the inbound channel is not connected, it prevents customers from reaching you. To balance this, it is advisable to split the team in two and then assign one part to outbound calls. The second part will be assigned to inbound calls. It is therefore important to have agents who have skills in both areas and who can handle it easily. However, for telesales, specialized agents must necessarily be assigned. In fact, this is where the balance lies because both channels must be functional at the same time, so it is important to optimize the number of agents.


This is a process that allows calls to be directed to agents who are available, whether inbound or outbound. This solution reduces waiting times which leads to increased occupancy rates in turn maximum productivity of your agents. Agents can switch from one channel to another without having to change software or workstations. It is also a way to relieve the pressure on both teams during peak periods. The call blending solution allows to balance the different loads between the teams and thus to promote versatility for an optimal treatment and for the improvement of the agents' level. The objective is not only to improve the level of the consultants, but also to make them more strategic. 

Here are the best solutions to balance the call strategy of the different channels in a contact center.