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Representation of the People, by the People, and for the People.

Meet Mr. Kenneth Jenks


Kenneth was born and raised in a small rural town in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York State. Kenneth participated in music throughout his youth as a percussionist and drummer in marching band, concert band, a competitive drum and bugle corps, and jazz-rock band. A champion swimmer, Kenneth established his first school and pool records as a high school freshman. Kenneth has continued his passion with drums and percussion to this day. He performs with other local musicians in many venues, and he is a United States Masters Swimmer with several top fifty and top one-hundred National standings. Kenneth is also a fifteen year martial arts veteran.




Kenneth began working on potato, farms and grape vineyards at age fourteen. He also worked weekends in the local Dansville Noyes Memorial Hospital and worked various other jobs. Money earned supported his music and athletic activities. 


Kenneth entered the United States Marine Corps at age 17. He is a meritorious Marine and campaign service medal veteran. Jenks' primary military occupational specialty was tactical telephone  and radio communications-electronics systems. Kenneth was meritorious non-commissioned officer at age 19 while serving abroad on the Korean Peninsula', north of the 38th Parallel at the DMZ. Kenneth was a sergeant by 20 years of age. Kenneth also swam for the U.S. Marine Corps Swim Team and earned several Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. He is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Kenneth actively supports our military veterans.



While raising and supporting a family, Kenneth earned a bachelor of science in telecommunications engineering (communications-electronics) with a second concentration in computing (computer science) from Rochester Institute of Technology, a master of science in engineering management from California State University Northridge, and a top 10 Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. An area of focus is corporate finance, valuation, mergers and acquisitions.  Kenneth received specialized leadership training at the SMU Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center.


Kenneth is a 30 year resident of Valencia, CA in California's 25th Congressional District. A 34 year marriage to a Korean immigrant, they raised their son and daughter in Valencia. His now adult children were active in music and sports from a very young age with advanced skills two or more instruments and two or more sports each. Both completed graduate school early and are productive citizens with successful careers. Kenneth's daughter married her college freshman sweetheart and best friend. Kenneth's son-in-law also completed graduate school and has a successful career in finance. Kenneth's three young grandchildren took their first steps in Valencia. There are four languages spoken with fluency in his immediate family; English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese. Kenneth's second language is Korean Hangul -  Hangugeo.  


CAPTAIN USN (Ret) and former Coronado City Council Member



Kenneth has been a key player in several startup operations with strong ROI from a few million startup capital to 300 million in annual revenues. He has been building and implementing carrier wireless, wireline, internet, enterprise data, voice and fiber optic networks throughout California, the U.S., and globally for 35 years. His work includes network security, cloud computing, and cyber security as well as federal and financial regulatory compliance.


Kenneth has worked extensively with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) agency and Homeland Security. He has also worked with great ALL AMERICAN innovative manufacturers such as REDCOM. REDCOM provides the most secure communications solutions in the world to first responders and countless other agencies and operators such as the Los Angeles Fire Department's 106 city fire stations and their department wide alerting systems and network. Kenneth's work includes coordination with various permitting agencies such as transportation, city, state, utilities, and railroad authorities.  Safety, environmental regulation, and seasonal constraints influence his work as well. 

Kenneth  continues to implement carrier networks and enterprise services to  first responders, hospitals, school districts, universities, federal and state agencies municipalities, and large enterprise businesses.  He is leader, collaborator, pioneer and innovator in the telecommunications industry. He has been a key player in domestic and international deregulation with significant contributions to numerous innovations and product of the year awards.  Kenneth has been the recipient of outstanding service awards from schools such as Playa Vista Elementary School District for implementing computer hardware, networks, and high speed internet services. Mr. Jenks' list of telecommunications and technology contributions to children's hospitals, school districts, colleges, and universities throughout Southern California is extensive.  


Kenneth stands for, fights for, and is passionate about liberty, equality, justice, rule of law, homeland security, sovereignty, secure borders, environment, capitalism that is free market driven, our Constitution as it is written, and America first. Jenks honors and respects our military, law enforcement, border control healthcare professionals, and all first responders.


As the son of America's Founders, American Industry Pioneers, American Revolutionary War Soldiers, Union Soldiers of the Civil War, Abolitionists, WWII and Korean War Veterans on both his paternal and maternal side. This represents a 400 year family tradition of fighting for liberty, justice, equality, freedom, and the American dream.

Not necessarily or always in the order listed, issues and priorities include:

Tier I

  1. Economy
    • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
    • Manufacturing Technology and Innovation     
    • Surplus - Deficits
    • Balanced Economy
    • Balanced Budget
    • Global Trade - Tariffs   
  2. Health Care
  3. Education - tuition rates and accessibility
  4. Legal Immigration with legislation that supports DACA children
  5. National Security, Safety, and Secure Borders
  6. Infrastructure

Tier II

  1. Sustainability and the Environment
  2. Water and Air Quality
  3. Natural Disaster Avoidance and Preparedness

America First with Sensible International Relations and Policy

America as a Republic

Vote JENKS March 3, 2020. Vote for leadership, sensibility, and a representative of the people - of the community - with a strong will, humility, empathy, compassion, and good character.

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Santa Clarita, Acton, Palmdale, Lake Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Northern San Fernando Valley, Eastern Ventura County


In God We Trust

Committee to Elect Kenneth Jenks to Congress. California's 25th Congressional District.
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